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About Dean


Many people ask Dean: "How did you get into trick golf?"

He explains "When I was in my 20's I was practicing at the range, I got bored just hitting golf balls, so I put a golf ball on the top of a bottle of water and hit it.

This worked OK so I then started to make funny clubs!!

I found an old bit of pipe in the garage, I decided to bash it about and ended up attaching a club head to the bottom of it. After I took it to the range and surprised myself that I could actually hit a ball with my new club, I wondered what other inventions I could use to hit a ball.

Later that year I had made a couple of different designs of clubs and was starting to amaze members of my club whilst I was on the range.

I then thought gosh ...... I could make a show from all of this.

It took me about two years to build a bag full of different clubs, which enabled me to create a show.

And Now ...... ?

Although I admit my passion for the quirkier side of the sport, I now take great pride in designing and manufacturing my range of crazy clubs and performing my shows around the world to a full array of audiences.